LIFE CHANGING: My father-in-law has been receiving acupuncture treatment from Yashmin and it has, quite literally, changed his life.  He had chronic back pain.  The support and treatment has allowed him to move freely, sit down comfortably and sleep much better.  Thank you MB

INSOMNIA: I am on my 9th consecutive 'pill free' night and unbelievably feel like I have 'kicked the habit'.  After only six weeks of treatment this is miraculous.  I feel much calmer, more relaxed and happier. J

TOOTHACHE: I had severe toothache, the pain unbearable, after one session of acupuncture with Yashmin, the pain and swelling was alleviated and I didn't need to see the dentist. Luke

STRESS: I felt something shift for sure! Can't wait to visit Yashmin again for my second session. Her constant passion in her practice and knowledge is amazing! You feel you are in safe hands and my energy is balanced and calmer! Thank you Mary


Thank you for my cupping session, I feel amazing and my back tension has gone.  Lenna

The muscles in my lower back were very tight and made it difficult to move comfortably and after the first session I was almost pain free and able to move freely, it was not long before I was fully mobile again Luke 

HIP PAIN: After putting up with months of pain from the arthritis in my hip, I decided to give acupuncture a try, as I didn't want to keep taking pain killers, which weren't working any more. One session gave me a whole month of pain free living.  I will definitely be having more acupuncture when I feel the pain returning. Mandi

PROLAPSED DISC: I was seeing Yashmin due to sciatic pain and a compressed nerve. Yashmin's treatment bought me great relief from extreme pain, allowing me to move much more freely and left me practically pain free. My physiotherapist said the difference was definitely due to Yashmin's treatment. I was so grateful for her timely and effective care. Nikki

FACIAL REJUVINATION: My face looked instantly lifted and toned.  My jawline is tighter and my wrinkles around my eyes and lips have dramatically reduced.  I feel much brighter and my face has gained an inner glow and people have commented on how much younger I look.  It's very relaxing experience. Kate